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About Us

So Pure began as an idea in 2017. From there, the owners met and began to work diligently to bring the idea into reality. From lingerie to athletic wear, the goal has been and always will be, making women feel beautiful inside, no matter what they have on outside. But if they have on So Pure, it’ll be that much easier. We offer everything from panties to hoodies, so no matter if you’re in the bed room or the board room you can be so pure.

So Pure Limited


I thought I would only wear this hoodie in the winter……. this is so lightweight I wear it even on the summer nights..!!! I HAVE EVERY COLOR!!!


I was hesitant about buying these at first because I have never heard of this brand. But once I did I was automatically in love they are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn! I am going to buy every pair LOL!


These PANTIES AND CROP!! If you haven’t done it!! DO IT!!

Need Help?

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